“One day you’ll just be a memory to some. Try your best to be a good one.”

Escort Etiquette

You only have one chance to make a good impression.
A basic guide to help you get started on your journey to what could be the trip of your lifetime.


Faire des Démarches – Making Contact

Before contacting your preferred escort, make sure you do your research and that the escort you choose to contact matches your preferences. During your first contact, whether by phone or email, be sure to introduce yourself, as well as state your preferred date and length of booking. Before meeting, don’t be afraid to share some information about yourself and your general appearance, as well some interests. You should agree to their stipulated fees and boundaries. If they don’t mention a service you’re interested in, you may ask them in later conversations.
An escort’s discretion is part of the service, so you do not need to feel guarded. Give your escort time to reply to your email or phone message as they are often busy and want to ensure they can give you the time they need to respond, which may be up to 48–72 hours. Do pay attention to the information your escort has provided: do not negotiate their fee and do not ask for services they do not provide. Your escort has made this information clear and available to you. Respecting their decision is paramount to starting off on the right foot. As with all professional relationships, it’s important for you to make a good impression. Just as a patron chooses an escort, the escort also chooses their clients. If your chosen escort requests information, provide it. Resist the urge to brag or ‘talk dirty’, or you will likely be ignored. Your communications should be mature and respectful. Avoid crudeness and take some time thinking about how you would conduct yourself.


La Préparation

This first impression carries through to the first time you meet. Hygiene is of utmost importance. Ensure you are showered and shaved, in clean clothes, teeth brushed and that your fingernails are clean and filed. Good clients respect their escort’s comfort and safety. If meeting in your own home, it should be clean and tidy, with any furniture or linen (such as bedding or towels) being in a clean and presentable condition. Ensure any drinks you plan to provide are presented sealed so that it is opened in the escort’s presence. If you are meeting at a location of their choosing, be discreet. If you are lost, ask for directions, and make your entrance and exit as polite and uneventful as possible. It is best to avoid alcohol, unless you have explicitly discussed these with your escort. Remember that even if your escort is comfortable with your consumption, they may decline to participate, so respect their limits. There is also a vast divide between an old fashioned shot to calm your nerves and the bottom of a bottle — curb your enthusiasm and err on the side of sobriety; you and your escort will build a stronger relationship.


Le Rendez-vous

From this point on, there should be no surprises. You have familiarised yourself as a good client with our escort etiquette. When your escort arrives, leave the agreed fee in an easily visible place, and allow your escort some time to confirm the amount is correct. They may enter an adjacent room to do this — do not follow them. Don’t be offended if they request for your ID to check your identity, and allow them to take any precautions, such as ensuring that only the agreed parties are in the room. Know that they have taken other precautions to ensure their safety. Once your escort is satisfied that they feel secure, you can really get to know each other. Breaking the ice with polite conversation is a great way to get comfortable with each other and will help you build a stronger escort-client relationship in the long term. Remember that this isn’t an interview and you already know you’re happy to spend some time together, so keep your conversation light, avoid asking probing questions, and relax.


Les Rapports Intimes – Intimate Relationships

Everything else has been building up to this. Treat your escort with the same respect and care that you would expect from them. The escort’s safety and wishes are paramount. It is best to stay within any established boundaries and avoid requesting for anything your escort has already declined. Allow your prior communication and rapport to play out — you have paid for their time and expertise, so relax and enjoy yourself. If you come to the end of your time together and you want to extend your appointment, your escort may be able to oblige. If this is the case, payment will once again be expected at the beginning of this extended period.


Le Futur

It is polite to contact your escort within a few days after your time together, thanking them for the time you spent together. This not only lets them know you enjoyed their service, but also that you may be interested in future engagements. Remember that this is a courtesy, not the start of a daily conversation with your escort. Being a professional rather than a social relationship, keep contact open only if you are actively making another appointment and not just for a chat. An escort may enjoy your company, and even prioritise you as a client, but your relationship should stay strictly professional. If you behave respectfully towards your escort, it can be the beginning of a powerful relationship. Be sure to do your research, know your obligations and act with good escort etiquette to ensure a strong, lasting relationship with your escort.
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